Base Overview

Introduction of Base

  On November 21, 2012, after collecting, reporting and review procedures, released the list of pilot units of the city is the first batch of Guangzhou International Science and technology incubators, "Guangdong Province Industrial Technology Research Institute (Guangzhou Nonferrous Metals Research Institute) 11 units become cultivation units in the building of Guangzhou, the first batch of International Science and technology incubation base (pilot), pilot for 2012 and 2015.


  Guangzhou International Science and technology incubators is Guangzhou City Science and technology and Information Bureau, in the preparation of Guangzhou International Science and technology cooperation and exchange center on the basis of planning to carry out the international science and technology incubators (pilot) to foster the construction work, through the integration of Guangzhou international cooperation in science and technology resources, to play the enthusiasm of the District, science and technology parks, universities and research institutions, accelerate to attract world-class creative talent, technology, projects settled in < br / > Guangzhou, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and take the road of new urbanization.



  Cultivation during the construction, the pilot units will be under the guidance and coordination of government departments in our city around and enhance the capability of independent innovation, foster the development of emerging industries of strategic importance, reform and innovation, foretaste of go ahead of the rest, make full use of the pilot unit of professional background and international cooperation exchange Canal Road, actively attract world-class foreign scientific and technological innovation and Entrepreneurship (including non Chinese should account for more than 30%), technology and project in the accumulation base, hatching, and the introduction of world-class R & D institutions and international science and technology service organization in Guangzhou cluster development.

    Guangzhou electrical appliances (gas) International Science and technology incubation base platform ( by the China Institute of electrical science and Technology Co., Ltd. construction management, to show the results of the incubation, to provide an exchange platform。

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